Area D6

Joel Esparza
Area Director D6
Home Club: Anaheim Breakfast Club
Quote: “It’s not if things happen, it’s when and how you respond to them.”
Brandi Cassingham
Goal: Help Toastmaster members realize their potential.
Biography:  Joel was born in Santa Ana, California.  He was raised in La Mirada where he attended High School, was a member of the wrestling team and played football; his football team won the CIF championships for the first time in the school’s history.  Joel graduated in 1994. 
Joel attended Cerritos College where he was an ASB Senator, Student Body Vice President, was awarded Man of the Year and declared “Mr. Cerritos 1997”.  He transferred to UCLA in 1999.  Joel received the UCLA Latino Alumni Scholarship and participated in the 2001 Pre-MBA Riordan Fellowship program at the Anderson School of Business.  His studies in History and Political Science allowed him to travel to England, Belgium, Holland, France, Turkey and Greece while pursuing his degree.  In 2001, he was awarded a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science. 
In 2008, after extended travels around the world, Joel married Brandi Cassingham in Oxford UK.  The family; Joel, Brandi and “Butters” – their happy-go-lucky, lick-loving pet boxer - now live in Anaheim, CA. 
Joel works as an account manager for Data Clean Corporation providing companies with data center decontamination and cooling efficiency solutions to protect sensitive information.

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