Contest Planning & Procedure

Carolynn Bramlett DTM
Division D's 2014-2015 Chief Judge
Speech contests are a Toastmasters' tradition.  Twice each year Toastmasters International sponsors contests to provide members the opportunity to gain experience speaking in front of a larger, less familiar audience, build self-confidence and earn recognition for their accomplishments. Contests are also an opportunity for planners and organizers to learn and grow as leaders.
Any Project, Anywhere Needs Leaders capable of visualizing success, identifying critical components, recruiting, training, delegating and coordinating activities to achieve the desired outcome and prepare future leaders.  So it is with Toastmaster's semi-annual contests.  Contest organizers are provided an opportunity to learn and develop management skills in a safe, supportive environment - without fear of career-stopping repercussions.
At the Division D Executive Council on Thursday September 4, 2014, Chief Judge Carolynn Bramlett DTM, trained Division leaders about planning and procedures to conduct a Toastmaster Speech Contest.
We have shared Carolynn's resources with you here.
  Contest Team Checklist
  • Getting Started
    Overview and Important Considerations
  • Contest Teams Plan and Prepare
    Identify Team Leaders to coordinate specific activities
  • It's "Show Time"
    Contest functionaries are in the right place, at the right time, with the right tools and understanding to make it look easy.
download Contest Team Checklist
  Contest Supplies and Procedure
  • Itemized Checklist of items needed to conduct a contest
    Needed equipment and supplies for the room, the contest functionaries, the judges and the contestants to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone - participants and guests alike.
  • Contest Script (Fall Contest)
    Sample outline detailing sequence and proper procedure to conduct a Toastmaster Speech Contest.
download Contest Supplies and Procedures
  When The Doors Open ...
  • Registration Process
    Specific instructions regarding needed supplies, preparation and procedures to track attendance; assist guests, contestants and judges; and manage financial transactions.
download Registration Process