Advanced Communication

After completing the basic manual and receiving recognition as a Competent Communicator, you can work in the Advanced Communication Series manuals where you’ll refine and enhance your speaking skills. 

There are 15 manuals, each containing five speech projects. Many of the manuals are career-oriented. You choose the manuals you want to develop specific skills for personal growth and to enhance your career.

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Projects in the Advanced Communication Series:
The Entertaining Speaker
The Entertaining Speech
Resources for Entertainment
Make Them Laugh
A Dramatic Talk
Speaking After Dinner
Persuasive Speaking
The Effective Salesperson
Conquering the Cold Call
The Winning Proposal
Addressing the Opposition
The Persuasive Leader
Speeches by Management
The Briefing
The Technical Speech
Manage and Motivate
The Status Report
Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship
Speaking to Inform
The Speech to Inform
Resources for Informing
The Demonstration Talk
A Fact-Finding Report
The Abstract Concept​
Communicating on Television
Straight Talk
The Talk Show
When You're the Host
The Press Conference
Training on Television
Special Occasion Speeches
Mastering the Toast
Speaking in Praise
The Roast
Presenting an Award
Accepting an Award
Public Relations
The Goodwill Speech
The Radio Talk Show
The Persuasive Approach
Dispel the Hostility
The Crisis Management Speech
The Folk Tale
Let's Get Personal
The Moral of the Story
The Touching Story
Bringing History to Life
The Professional Speaker
The Keynote Address
Speaking to Entertain
The Sales Training Speech
The Professional Seminar
The Motivational Speech
The Discussion Leader
The Seminar Solution
The Round Robin
Pilot a Panel
Make It Make Believe
The Workshop Leader
Interpretive Reading
Read a Story
Interpreting Poetry
The Monodrama
The Play
The Oratorical Speech
Humorously Speaking
Warm Up Your Audience
Leave Them with a Smile
Make Them Laugh
Keep Them Laughing
The Humorous Speech
Specialty Speeches
Speak Off the Cuff
Uplift the Spirit
Sell a Product
Read Out Loud
Introduce the Speaker
Interpersonal Communication
Conversing with Ease
The Successful Negotiator
Diffusing Verbal Criticism
The Coach
Asserting Yourself Effectively
Technical Presentations
The Technical Briefing
The Proposal
The Nontechnical Audience
Presenting a Technical Paper
The Team Technical Presentation