Competent Leadership

Members working in the leadership track learn and practice leadership skills by serving in a variety of club roles. The self-paced program consists of 10 projects. Each project has one or more tasks focusing on specific aspects of effective leadership. 

A club member will provide written feedback on each project, helping you to develop the skills and confidence to step forward and realize your potential.

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Projects in the Competent Leadership Series:
Project 1 – Listening and Leadership
Objectives: Determine your current listening skills then identify and apply the seven steps to better listening. Practice listening skills while serving in various club roles..
Project 6 – Organizing and Delegating
Objectives: Identify your current ability to organize and delegate effectively. Learn the process for organization and delegation. Practice organization and delegation skills at your club.
Project 2 – Critical Thinking
Objectives: Analyze your current thinking skills. Practice critical thinking skills while serving in various club roles.    
Project 7 – Developing Your Facilitation Skills
Objectives: Determine your current facilitation skills. Learn and practice facilitation strategies serving in a variety of meeting roles.
Project 3 – Giving Feedback
Objectives: Evaluate your current skills for providing effective feedback. Learn how to give feedback and practice giving feedback to others while serving in various club roles.
Project 8 – Motivating People
Objectives: Determine current motivational skills. Learn and develop "people skills" to effectively motivate others while serving in various club roles.
Project 4 – Time Management
Objectives: Determine your current skill level for managing time. Learn important tips for time management and practice time management in a variety of club roles.
Project 9 – Mentoring
Objectives: Determine current skill level. Learn the steps to effective mentoring and practice mentoring skills by helping other club members.
Project 5 – Planning and Implementation
Objectives: Evaluate your current skill level. Identify the steps involved in an effective planning and implementation process. Practice planning and implementation in various club activities.
Project 10 – Team Building
Objectives: Determine current team-building skills. Learn the steps to building an effective team and practice team-building while serving your club.